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My Dev environment

I use rafiki theme on zsh

The brains-of-the-outfit is Austin Kabiru, a former colleague.

Here's the repo. (I have made some adaptations for mine as you can see πŸ‘‡πŸΏ)

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            πŸ‘Š  Rafiki, shikilia uzito!  😯  Kaa rada!
            πŸ‘Š  stanmd@silicon_savannah ~

My Projects

1. Vue Django

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This is a vue-django-webpack-boilerplate.

A full-featured Webpack setup with hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing & css extraction integrated into a django application

2. Lifebuoy

This is a Visual Studio Code extension.

Quite simple concept really. This extension tell the battery level of your machine in the editor's lower right corner. It works on the major OS'es: Windows, Mac and Linux

Lets' keep building. What are

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